THE KEEPERS BOOK 1 - coming soon

Even witches know some things can’t defy the laws of nature. What India Jones doesn’t know, is that her seemingly lacklustre magic can destroy the World Tree. But others do. And if they can kill her, they can steal her magic for themselves.

When witch-born India begins to dream nightly of the deep, dark forests of her childhood home, it doesn’t take magic to know something is calling her to the farm and family she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. Searching for answers about her family and her craft, India returns to her grandmother’s farm, encountering the mysterious way-too-sexy Thraneduring a terrifying attack her first night back. Though instantly drawn to the darkly dangerous male, India isn’t looking for romance – she’s looking for answers. And Thrane seems hell bent on getting in her way.

Ruthless, lethal, Thrane is a Keeper, an immortal guardian of the World Tree – the solitary connection between the three realms. For centuries, the Keepers have protected the World Tree from the Order, a deadly society seeking the Tree’s destruction so they can claim the mortal realm. Over a century ago, Thrane hid a seedling deep in the untouched evergreen forests of southern Australia, standing guard ever since. Thrane has never strayed from his vow to protect the World Tree; never let a being live who presented a true danger; never looked for – certainly never wanted – to fall in love with a mortal. Until he meets the stubborn, bewitching India. Now he faces his worst fears, for what if India is the gravest danger the Tree, and he, has ever faced?